“Change is inevitable. Will you drive that change or be driven by it?”

Josh Linkner, venture capitalist and author

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Who we are

Tylygnt is a small team of experts from the Australian Capital dedicated to building software solutions that connect users through technology. The Tylygnt team comes with a solid ten year history and experience in collaborative work. They have worked on a diverse portfolio of multi million dollar projects and software applications.

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what we do

What we do

Team Tylygnt provides information technology services covering diverse facets of the business. With over a decade of experience in the industry we provide consultancy, software development and project management services. As well as expertise in systems integration and data migration for large complex systems. We would like to collaborate with your project team to make it a success.

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what we build

What we build

We build large N-Tier business applications, as well as web and mobile solutions which are intuitive, scalable, robust and maintainable. Our engineers are building mobile applications for Android, IOS as well as windows phone platforms. Team Tylygnt has expertise in wider technology stack and we are not bounded by any technology or platform. Got a new product idea? Talk to us!

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What we have done

We have delighted customers in a number of industries including energy, education, hospitality and the uber economy. We have provided consultancy, software development, branding and project management services for our customers.